Get accepted with Amazon Relay! I will check your FMCSA carrier profile and insurance for any issues that could cause your application to be denied by Amazon. Any issues found will include the course of action you will need to take before applying to Relay. Most issues are with Amazon not being able to verify your insurance. I will include a remedy that is fast and easy for Amazon to not deny you due to not being able to verify insurance.

If you were denied and need assistance to re-apply, OUR SUCCESS RATE WITH SECOND APPLICATIONS ARE ABOVE A 90% ACCEPTANCE RATE!

  • Complete review of your FMCSA profile with recommendations and assistance on what needs/should be changed before applying with Amazon Relay.
  • Complete review of your insurance policy to see if you are missing any coverages or have too much insurance (saving you money).
  • Information to give your insurance broker to make sure that Amazon can verify your insurance information. If Amazon cannot verify your insurance, you will be denied with no recourse!
  • Amazon has added an item to their carrier verification process. I tell you what this item is, and how to be prepared for it so that you don’t get denied!
  • I will assist you with your Amazon Relay application, or if you prefer, I can apply for you.

~ For a limited time, we will include our Insurance Scan product...FREE! We contact a third party insurance compliance company to scan your insurance, comparing what they have on file, against what is on your Certificate of Insurance. Discrepancies in this area account for 94% of Amazon Relay carrier denials! (Value $59)

Although there is no guarantee that Amazon will accept every carrier, you can rest assured that through our Carrier Check and Insurance Scan processes, everything would have been done to get you approved.